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Based in Los Angeles


Etiquette with Your Los Angeles Private Masseuse

1. You have my assurance that everything about Private Masseuse will be kept strictly confidential.

 As soon as I get the full verification form and I can verify you. It’s usually 2 or 3 hours, but if I am out of town to give me 24 hours for verification and I will get back to you. I handle all aspects of my extensive verification process. And I never talk about my projects with others. I expect you to be equally discreet. Please don’t ask about personal matters or my own life or others. I require all new projects to screen for my safety and security for the first meeting. Your computer correspondence that comes directly to me is encrypted and is not shared with anyone else.  I only respond to serious inquiries..

2. Courtesy

I am very thoughtful and courteous. I love living life with the utmost elegance, and you will see that I am a very spiritual and giving person.   I sometimes chat on the phone, prior to reservations.  If, for some reason, you don’t hear back from me, .  Should an unavoidable delay be necessary, it is common courtesy that either one of us notifies the other of delayed flights, rush hour traffic from the airport, and the like. You need to make the same commitment to me. Deposits are necessary for bookings, and they will be refunded if I should cancel due to an emergency.  If you cancel, since I am losing a spot for booking that someone else could have requested for Private Masseuse. Your deposit will have to go toward my loss, and you will forfeit your deposit.

3. Legality

Last but not least, I strive to always operate within the laws of the land. I don’t respond to any vulgar or inappropriate language, those requests will be ignored.  Please do not ask me to do anything that would be illegal for either one of us or jeopardize my career in Masseuse.   Not only will I refuse to do so, but will terminate the booking.Sensual massage North Hollywood